Security Hints

Kostis Netzwerkberatung would like to give some hints on security and PCs. Since most problems happen within the Microsoft Windows world, I'll mention the necessary tools and actions for that platform. However, other platforms need similar protection.

The Internet unfortunately has more and more become a play ground for dubious people, who try to harm your PC, take it over for their benefits and dirty deeds and other nasty things. Don't ask why, it's a fact they do it and they do it 24/7 all over the world. They try to exploit known or unknown security leaks in the operating system or simply your good faith.

Short version for Microsoft Windows Users

Download and install the following free software:

What Can I Do to Protect Myself?

Why All This Hassle?

If your don't protect your PC there is not only a high risk people will gather your personal information using "trojan horses", there is also a high risk to opening the doors to misuse. Your PC becomes a platform to infect even more PCs. This is harmful in many ways. First every unprotected PC is potentially a platform for attacks, secondly it's possible that such infected PCs send emails in a way that the owner looks like the sender and often receives complaints. When Viruses fake a different sender it becomes rather asocial. The person that gets the heat then doesn't even deserve it. The more PCs are protected the less fun it is for "the bad guys" to pest the Internet. Do your part keeping your machine clean and safe..

Other Hints