findfree V1.00 (1998-11-22)

Kostis Netzwerkberatung
Talstr. 25, D-63322 Rödermark
Tel. +49 6074 881056, FAX 881058 (Kosta Kostis)


Keeps a index list in a file. Looks for the next free entry and inserts in the file and displays that index.




findfree filename #_of_digits [/i] [/sstart]

filename is the file containg the index list.
#_of_digits is the number of digits to be used (can be 1..8)
/i tells findfree to ignore a missing input file and create a new one
/sstart tells findfree which value to start with. Default is 1. Sample: /s1001


This program is a simple utility to keep track of which index is used and which is the next free index. Since the index file is a simple plain text file you can edit it using any standard text file editor to delete entries. findfree will always sort the file after inserting the next free entry. findfree should be called in the directory your index file is stored in.


findfree vrz.txt 2 /i

This will use vrz.txt as the index file, two digits and it will create a new file if no file is present.


Copyright (C) 1998 by Kostis Netzwerkberatung
Talstr. 25, D-63322 Rödermark, Tel. +49 6074 881056, FAX 881058 (Kosta Kostis),

You may use this program free of charge at your own risk.