setfdate V2.00 (2009-02-26)


sets file time and date


External MS-DOS program (supports 8.3 filenames only).


setfdate filename [time] | [time] [date]

[] these parameters are optional

time HH:MM:SS (HH=hour, MM=minute, SS=second)
date yyyy-mm-dd (yyyy=year, mm=month, dd=day)


If only filename is given the file will get the current date and time.
If filename and time are give only time will be modified.
If filename, time and date are given both time and date will be set.


REM set file to current date (like UNIX touch)
setfdate setfdate.c
REM set file to version number 1.23
setfdate 01:23:00
REM set file to version number and release date
setfdate 02:00:00 2009-02-26


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You may use this program free of charge at your own risk.